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Our operation

Organic Children Clothing-Birdie's Nest consists of our organically grown cotton with organically certified production.

Annie's Organic Choice is always looking for natural food and beverages.

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Our diverse positioning in various industry fields boosts up our productivity and presence in businesses we conduct.

Reasons for Organics?

    The long term effects of organic farming and production will benefit immensely all around well beings. 30 years ago, we all had organics in our lifestyle without even thinking, what happened then that we became organic savvy now? Answer is easy. We are going back to fundamentals. Well balanced soil, less pesticides in growing, rotary plantations in farmlands are some of the methods that help. Many didn't believe that cotton could be organically grown, but now it is being grown and showed the way for other agri-products to follow suit. please check why the organic products became more expensive currently. Follow me!

Our Businesses

Our capability to leverage and balance between the external and internal synergies collectively incorporates into our core operation, as result it maintains continuous improvement and flexibility in conjunction with our customers’ requirements in every stage of supply chain.

Our Export department thrives to promote Made in USA around the world.